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Low-income families can benefit from childcare donations, especially in the state of Arizona. For one, Qualified Charitable Organization (QCO) donations offer Arizona residents charitable tax credits from taxes owed to the government. These can all be availed if taxpayers will make contributions or donations to charitable organizations.  




Childcare Overview

Childcare or better known as daycare is the supervision or supervision of a child or children ranging from 2 weeks up to 20 yrs. It is the action of taking care of children by professionals in their field. It plays a vital role in the development of the child, mentally, psychologically, and socially in the early years. Child care workers or caregivers are referred to as the children’s first teachers. 


Helping Children and Helping Yourself

Donations to childcare institutions or organizations is an advantage to those in need, especially to families in poverty or low-income families. With qualified organizations, the standard deductions from tax can be 33.33% and some organizations are generous enough to offer the same total deductions as to the donated amount. And not only doing your part as a good citizen but also putting your money to better use and saving some at the same time.  


How Can Children Benefit From Your Donations?

  • With your donation, you are giving children a brighter future by providing them better learning. 
  • environment, necessary materials, and caregivers. Thus giving them hope and knowledge for what lies ahead of them. 
  • It offers security and guidance by housing them in charitable organizations and institutions with proper personnel or caregivers who guide them towards a better life.
  • It gives them proper nourishment by providing them with meals.
  • It provides them better lives by educating them when their families have a hard time. 




It is not only in monetary donations but also in terms of non-cash donations. Especially for low-income households, they can save money by donating used goods or household commodities. So if cash is a little bit out of reach, all these can be converted into tax credits. All that is required are receipts or a documented list of items and their estimated value from the child care charitable organizations where you placed your donations. Doing away with some old stuff and getting tax credits out of them, sounds good. Right?


Do you live in Arizona? 

Be a selfless citizen in Arizona and avail its perks. By donating to specific child care charitable institutions in the state, tax credits can be availed. You can avail of these tax credits from your personal Arizona Income Tax Returns. You can do your part by making a change, giving the children and students in high poverty a brighter future. Help out by donating to qualified child care organizations and institutions. The feeling of doing the right thing and sharing with the ones who are in need indeed fulfills that selfless spirit.